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Electric Bike Conversion Kits

If you want a motorized bicycle, and you don’t want to purchase one outright, then there are many different electric bike kits available to allow you to convert your conventional bicycle into a motorized e-bike. If you already know that

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How do I convert my bicycle to an Electric Bike?

Are you tired of pedaling your bicycle? Maybe you are looking for an e-bike replacement? A brand new e-bikes can be an expensive investment. If that is not your primary expense now, how about converting your existing bicycle into an

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Electric Bicycles (e-bikes)

Whether you are looking for an alternative transport mode or a fun and simple way to exercise while getting out and about in the great outdoors, an Electric Bicycle (e-bike) is definitely worth considering.

An Electric Bicycle looks very similar to a traditional bicycle. The difference is that it is runs with an electric motor that is powered by an on-board battery. The motor assists the rider in propelling the bicycle forward with less effort. This is often called ‘assisted pedalling’.

What is an ebike conversion kit?

An ebike conversion kit is a kit that has been put together with all the components that you need to convert a traditional bicycle into and electric bicycle. It is usually cheaper to convert a bicycle to an ebike than it is to buy an electric bike outright.

Advantages of Electric Bicycles

Good Exercise

For me, an Electric Bicycle has to be almost the perfect way to exercise. It allows the rider to put in physical effort and work towards staying fit, while also giving the ability to have some ‘assistance’ up hills or during a difficult ride.

Make cycling accessible to those with injury or illness

If cycling is difficult because of knee pain or asthma or other restrictions, and electric bicycle can give just enough pedalling assistance to take the pressure off sore joints and can stop you overexerting your body.

No License or Insurance Required

In the USA you are not required by law to have a vehicle license or insurance to ride an electric bicycle.  Each state does, however have slightly different electric bicycle rules, so it’s important to become familiar with these for your relevant area.


Electric Bicycles are growing in popularity.  They are a lot of fun and leave you with the enjoyment of cycling without the strain created by steep hills and difficult rides.  Many people are finding that e-bikes have caused them to rekindle their love of cycling!

Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles


If you are used to the price of a standard pedal bicycle, then an e-bike may seem quite expensive.  They can range in price from A$1 000 to over A$10 000. If you currently own a lower end pedal bicycle that cost around $200 then an e-bike does sounds expensive.  However, even a standard pedal bicycle and range in price from A$100 to over A$10 000 depending on the type of bicycle that you wish to purchase.  It you already own a pedal bicycle that you are happy with, it is also possible to defray the cost of an electric bicycle by purchasing an electric bicycle conversion kit and converting your existing bicycle into an e-bike.  Conversion kits start at approximately A$200 for an entry level kit.

Heavier than traditional bicycles

An Electric Bicycle is usually heavier than a conventional bicycle by over 6kg.  This does not really matter for riding the bicycle, but if you need to lift it -or if for some reason you run out of battery – then this weight can make a substantial difference.