Converting your bicycle to an e-bike. 

Bicycles With Motors

Electric Bicycles (e-bikes)

Whether you are looking for an alternative transport mode or a fun and simple way to exercise while getting out and about in the great outdoors, an Electric Bicycle (e-bike) is definitely worth considering.

An Electric Bicycle looks very similar to a traditional bicycle. The difference is that it is runs with an electric motor that is powered by an on-board battery. The motor assists the rider in propelling the bicycle forward with less effort. This is often called ‘assisted pedalling’.

What is an ebike conversion kit?

An ebike conversion kit is a kit that has been put together with all the components that you need to convert a traditional bicycle into and electric bicycle. It is usually cheaper to convert a bicycle to an ebike than it is to buy an electric bike outright.

e-bike with velcro battery pack

Speed controller (housed in smaller canvas bag) is the central hub.

Receiving connections from the throttle, the motor and the battery.

Electrical cable running from the motor to the controller.

Direct drive hub motor integrated into the wheel.

Standard steel bicycle frame.

Battery (housed in canvas bag) attached to frame.