Electric Bike Conversion Kits

If you want a motorized bicycle, and you don’t want to purchase one outright, then there are many different electric bike kits available to allow you to convert your conventional bicycle into a motorized e-bike.

If you already know that you’d like to purchase a kit, then please read on for our top picks of the ‘Best ebike conversion kits’. However, if you need to know more about kits- and some of the important terminology to be aware of before selecting one – then have a look at ‘What you need to know before buying an ebike conversion kit’.

Best e-bike conversion kits

e-bike conversion kit
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We’ve researched some of the most popular ebike conversion kits that are for sale on Amazon. Here are the top picks according to consumer ratings.

No 1: Bafang 1000W BBS03 Mid Motor Conversion Kit

The Bafang 1000W conversion kit produces a powerful motorized e-bike. The installation is easy with plenty of online videos for assistance – as well as the manufacturer supplied video. Great kit. Highly recommended if you want a powerful e-bike kit.

Features of Bafang 1000W BBS03

Complete Kit
Mid-drive motor
Thumb throttle
Brake Lever/Brake Sensor
chainring wheel
LCD Display
Optional BatteryCompatible with 48V and 52V

No 2: Ebikeling 36V 500W 26″

Features of Ebikeling 36V 500w 26"

Complete KitMotor/Wheel
LED Display
brake levers
pedal assist sensor
torque arm
cables ties
Not IncludedBattery and Tire
Upgrades availableYes - to LCD display
Warranty3 Mths on all components

No 3: Bafang 750W BBS02B

This 750W Bafang provides a smooth, quiet ride and has plenty of power. It comes with an installation video and the kit is not difficult to install.

Features of Bafang 750W BBS02B

Complete KitMid-drive motor
brake lever/brake sensor
thumb throttle
chainring wheel
LCD Display
Speed sensor and magnets
1T4 wire and locknut
free gift (tool or headlight)
OptionalBattery and charger
Warranty1 year