Electric Bike Conversion Kits

If you want a motorized bicycle (ebike), and you don’t want to purchase one outright, then there are many different electric bike kits available to allow you to convert your conventional bicycle (or Fat-tire bike) into a motorized e-bike. Read on for our top picks of the ‘Best Ebike conversion kits’.

If you need to know more about kits – and some of the important terminology to be aware of before selecting one – then have a look at ‘What you need to know before buying an ebike conversion kit’.

Essentially, an Electronic Bike Conversion Kit (or e-bike kit) is a device that allows you to convert your existing regular bicycle into an e-bike. The conversion kit uses the power of electricity and battery cells to provide assistance when pedalling, allowing for easier riding on hilly terrain or in traffic. It also helps reduce fatigue by providing continuous support, especially during long rides.

The e-bike conversion kit converts your regular bicycle into an e-bike using two different types of batteries: lead-acid and lithium-ion. Both are rechargeable so there’s no need to worry about replacing them once they run out of juice. When you pedal, the motor turns the rear wheel via the chain drive mechanism. You will feel this difference immediately because the motor provides extra torque which makes cycling much more comfortable than just peddling alone.

Best e-bike conversion kits

We’ve researched some of the most popular ebike conversion kits that are for sale on Amazon. Here are the top picks according to consumer ratings.

Here is a list of the best e-bike conversion kits in the market today. These kits are rated according to their power, ease of installation, and overall functionality. You will find that some e-bike conversion kits have a lower power output but reach the same speeds as a bike that’s modified with a higher-spec kit – this is natural as speeds can vary depending on weather conditions, inclines, and terrain condition.

Best Overall Best Bang for Your Buck Special Mention
Bafang DIY Motor
TongSheng 36V/48V 500W
E-bikeling 48V 1200W
o Mid-drive
o 1000W of power
o Large capacity battery
o Universally compatible
o Bluetooth LCD
o Mid-drive
o Universally compatible
o LCD display
o Sufficiently powerful
o 3 drive modes
o Hub motor
o Front and rear wheel compatible
o Thumb or twist throttles
o Designed for fat bikes
Powerful and effortless to use at 1000W

Great for hill terrains
Lighter than Bafang

Great for all kinds of riding
Easy to install

Great on hills

So many options for customization
Installation can be a bit of a challenge
Battery not included
The speed sensor can be quirky

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