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About US

We (Adam and Kathryn) live in Brisbane, Queensland and both work from home in some capacity. This has given us the time to look into different hobbies and also the need to make sure we don’t become too sedentary with the fridge and pantry so close by each day!! 

Cycling and Electric Bicycles have always interested Adam. He has always found cycling good exercise but gentler on his knees than other forms of exercise such as running. Many mornings in the year, Adam will go for a bike ride to start his day.

Kathryn was a little slower to be convinced that cycling a good idea. She wasn’t so enthusiastic about bike riding as it just seemed hot, sweaty and hard work.  After going to some pleasant (non-hilly) rides through park land and around a lake, she decided that cycling could be pleasant under the right conditions! 

about us

These circumstances led to the idea of an Electric Bicycle.  Adam was more interested in some of the more expensive e-bikes and Kathryn thought the idea of converting an existing cycle to an e-bike with an electric bicycle conversion kit could be a good way of trying out the idea without spending too much money… and so the adventure began of working out what electric bicycles were all about and whether e-bike conversion kits were practical.  Hence this website was born to help others on a similar journey work out if an electric bicycle is suitable for them and if so – is a conversion kit an option? 

Let the e-bike adventures begin!

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